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How Does CredentialinG Work?

STEP 1: Create a Profile

After our initial consultation, we will gather your information to quickly and accurately begin the credentialing process. 

STEP 2: Select Your Panels

Next, we will discuss the insurance panels you’d like to apply to. We then prepare and submit applications to your preferred insurance companies.

STEP 3: Get In-Network

Finally, we will follow up vigorously to ensure proper handling of your contract until completion.  If necessary, our appeal services will fight on your behalf at no charge.

Note the final determination of acceptance is a decision made by the insurance panel and not Dream Consulting.

WHY CHOOSE Dream Consulting?


Each insurance panel uses their own set of provider enrollment requirements and applications. With Dream Consulting, you provide the information once and we handle the rest.


The average time for credentialing varies by state. Typically, it takes 90-120 business days for a contract to be executed. Our streamlined services get applications to insurance panels quickly. 


Our flexibility allows us to work with as little or as many insurance companies as you choose. We offer cost-effective and competitive pricing.


With years of behavioral health and credentialing experience, we know what panels are looking for. We stay informed with changes in the industry, so you don't have to.

What are you waiting for? Get started TODAY!
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