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WOZ Marketing

Welcome to Woz Marketing. Staying current with the ever changing trends and practices of online marketing can be a headache when you have a practice to run. We help you understand and leverage the power of digital marketing so you can grow your business. Whether you need consultation services to help you navigate a path to increased exposure or you need someone to market your business for you, so you can focus on the needs of your business, we are here to help.

Bridge Way Credentialing

Allow Bridge Way Credentialing to simply simplify the process. Bridge Way Credentialing offers full medical and behavioral health licensing and privileging services. Our role is to be the liaison between the provider or facility and the applied to entity. We complete all applications, request and submit all verification’s, and perform necessary follow-up for successful licensing or privileging allowing more time for providers and facilities to take care of their patients.


iTherapy offers you all of the tools you need to manage your entire practice, freeing you up to see your clients! While providing you services anytime, and anywhere from multiple devices, these services are secure and HIPAA complaint. All of this, along with business and marketing assistance and training. 


Everything you need to start your practice, expand your practice, or make your practice simpler to manage, is waiting for you!


ProjectLynk delivers the support services you need to launch your private practice into a thriving business.​ Here at ProjectLynk we offer a diverse range of services and specialized support crossing all platforms within the mental health focus. These services have the additional benefit of not including the added costs of typical full-time employees.​

The ProjectLynk team is dedicated to providing you the support you need remotely while saving you money, growing your business, and allowing you to focus on what’s most important, your Clients.​

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